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README: About these notes

Summary: These notes are a growing collection. Many of the notes are just stubs (e.g. garden). Some of them are thoroughly developed pieces of writing (e. [full page]


Summary: https://prisonercorrespondenceproject.com/ https://writeaprisoner.com/ https://letter-exchange.com/ [full page]

Screen Free Writing With the Alphasmart

Summary: The AlphaSmart 3000 is single purpose word processing computer from the early 2000s. In this note, I’ll describe how I use my AlphaSmart to write code effectively, and how I use my headless server to upload content from the AlphaSmart to ctrl-c. [full page]

TTY Setup

Summary: I’ve started to use the Linux TTY as my standard terminal instead of using a terminal emulator like xterm or xfce4-terminal. [full page]


Summary: Juggling Counts Homepage YT: Butler – The Mathematics of Juggling George Hart: Mathematical Impressions: Juggling This features a remarkable example of braiding someone’s hair via juggling! [full page]


Summary: I’m on sabbatical for the the 2023-2024 academic year. These are some notes about my research leave; and the projects that I undertook during that time. [full page]


Summary: Chuck Fager: Basics of Bible Study PDF version [full page]

Physical Fitness

Summary: Talk to your doctor before beginning to exercise. Let me repeat that: talk to your doctor before beginning to exercise. [full page]

Advice for Students

Summary: This is a work in progress. 2023/06/10 Students often ask me for advice on how to improve in mathematics. I find that I keep recommending the same strategies across a broad range of courses. [full page]

Math Kangaroo 2023 Walk In

Summary: Arrive at UTSC campus at Military Trail and Ellesmere (SW corner) Head Further South East towards the SW Building (Science Wing) [full page]

Weekly Checklist

Summary: This checklist is for Winter 2023. Tuesday Meet with Daniel and synchronize Prepare A22 lecture notes Send Seminar announcement Wednesday Check up on graders Setup grading meetings Give Seminar attendance to Gwen Thursday Finalize lecture notes Share tutorial activities with the TAs Post Seminar recording Friday Post next week’s lecture notes Print next week’s leacture notes Archive all outstanding e-mail Sign-off with the TAs [full page]

Math Opportunities Around UToronto

Summary: MathPrograms.org has tonnes of undergraduate research experience opportunities, but primarily focussed on the US. If you’re interested in mathematics, and based in Toronto or Canada, then there are a number of opportunities worth investigating. [full page]

Go Walk Mathematics

Summary: Go Walk Mathematics Suppose you walk 3 kms a day for 40 years. 3 kms x 365 days = 1,095 kms. [full page]

Writing for Large Classes With Docstrip

Summary: Last year, I did all of my course document preparation using docstrip, a standard component of LaTeX. It was revolutionary; docstrip allowed me to prepare all of my course documents in one large LaTeX project while maintaining a consistency of style across many formats including slides, quizzes, tests, and even posts to our learning management system. [full page]

La Baza Legolisto (The Basic Reading List)

Summary: For details see: Eo Wikipedia Libraro Ludoviko The Prose Works Baghy, Julio: Sur Sanga Tero Legita Baghy, Julio: Viktimoj Legita Boulton, Marjorie: Okuloj Bulthuis, Hendrik: Idoj de Orfeo Havebla rete: https://www. [full page]


Summary: From Ed Burger: Suppose that $N$ cards are placed on a table with $F$ of them face up. You know the values of $N$ and $F$, but you are unable to see the cards. [full page]

PTR Document Management

Summary: At the University of Toronto, we receive annual merit-based pay raises through a process called “Progress Through the Ranks”. This note is to intended to describe a setup for keeping track of information and documents relevant to PTR. [full page]

Office Plants

Summary: General Guide to Houseplants Hoya All About Gardening: Hoya Golden Pothos All About Gardening: Golden Pothos Spider Plant Our Houseplants: Spider Plant African Violets Toronto Botanical Society: African Violets African Violet Societ of America: Violets 101 Smithsonian: African Violet Care Sheet Coleus Gardening Know How: Coleus Care Gardening Know How: Coleus Houseplant [full page]

Recommended Reading

Summary: Contest Mathematics Problem Solving through Problems by Loren Larson UToronto Library Putnam and Beyond by Răzvan Gelca UToronto Library Problem Solving Strategies by Arthur Engel UToronto Library The art and craft of problem-solving by Paul Zeitz UToronto Library Puzzle-y Math The art of mathematics - take two : tea time in Cambridge by Bollobás, Béla UToronto Library The art of mathematics : coffee time in Memphis by Bollobás, Béla UToronto Library General Mathematics Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Ian Stewart UToronto Library This book is a light and conversational introduction to lots of cool ideas in modern mathematics. [full page]

What I Know About Academic Job Searches

Summary: All graduate students eventually hit a point where facing the academic job market becomes inevitable. In my experience, it was intimidating to finally come to the end of my studies and start to reach out to the broader academic community. [full page]

Alan Lakein Life Goals Exercise

Summary: I’m a fan of an old book on time management: How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life (1973) by Alan Lakein. [full page]


Summary: The Plants on 2021/05/15 This summer, we bought a geranium, two tomatoe plants, an edamame plant, and a watermelon. We picked up these plants from Ian at We Got Plants. [full page]

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