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string figures

Canonical Start of A Linear Sequence

The canonical start of a linear sequence is a point in nearest LFn string. In this simple example, there are three possible linear sequences (with the correct orientation) but only $L2, L5, R1$ has the correct start point.

How does string figure calculus act on linear sequences?

I’m working with Eric Vandendriessche and Alfredo Braunstein to understand a bit about how the string figure calculus acts of canonical linear sequences.

D92: Possible Projects

Yulong's Wrapped L1

Alfredo's Opening A

Yulong's O.A Construction

Paco: Terms from Graphics Programming / Half-Second Star

Yulong's Braid Word Reduction

The Heart Group as A Subgroup of B_{2n}

This photo has a sketch of an embedding $\heartsuit_n \leq B_{2n}$.

The Calculus of Heart Sequences

The Calculus of Heart Sequences: Passing a Loop Through and Returning It

Loop Manipulation Nomenclature

Three loop manipulations are shown. What should we call them?

The Braid Group

A quick peek at the braid group $B_3$

The Loop Manipulation Group

A write-up of a question about loop manipulation and braid groups.

Loop Manipulation Generators

Labelled generators of $H_{n} \subseteq B_{2n}$.

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