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Mathematical Experiences

Creating a repertoire of mathematical experiences for sharing with others.

Reading Courses

How I teach reading courses.

Common Latex Errors

A list of common $\LaTeX$ errors that beginners make and their solutions. Helpful reading for people writing their first documents in $\LaTeX$.

The Sine X Button

What does the $\sin(x)$ button on a calculator really do?

The Loop Manipulation Group

A write-up of a question about loop manipulation and braid groups.

Infinite Limits in Python

This talk introduces infinite limits by playing with a mysterious function in Python. It was originally given at Lester B. Pearson Collegiate in Scarborough on 2024-02-12.


Links to juggling resources.

The Kruskal-Dynkin Count

Introduction In this write-up, I’m going to talk about the Kruskal-Dynkin count, a card trick based on mathematics. I’ll give a heurisitic argument for why the trick works, and then present some experimental data about how the trick changes as the values of the cards change.

Problem Solving Group

The UTSC Problem Solving Group meets weekly to learn the art and craft of problem solving. We meet on Tuesdays at 09:00 in IC-220.


From Ed Burger: Suppose that $N$ cards are placed on a table with $F$ of them face up. You know the values of $N$ and $F$, but you are unable to see the cards.

Math Opportunities Around UToronto has tonnes of undergraduate research experience opportunities, but primarily focussed on the US. If you’re interested in mathematics, and based in Toronto or Canada, then there are a number of opportunities worth investigating.

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