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Mass Download From Lillio

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Simple Mass Downloader by George Prec for Firefox to download all the pictures of your kid from Lillio. [full page]

Reading RSS with newsboat and sfeed

How I use newsboat and sfeed to generate a static page of RSS feeds that I follow. [full page]

TTY Setup

How I’ve set up my ttys on Linux to be more user friendly. Switching fonts, keys, and backlights. [full page]

Screen Free Writing With the Alphasmart

How I use a twenty year old word processor to write code and upload it to the cloud. [full page]

Writing for Large Classes With Docstrip

Last year, I did all of my course document preparation using docstrip, a standard component of LaTeX. It was revolutionary; docstrip allowed me to prepare all of my course documents in one large LaTeX project while maintaining a consistency of style across many formats including slides, quizzes, tests, and even posts to our learning management system. [full page]

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