Cool computer automated proof

Algebra for m

Level curves

Tutorial summary

Fundamental domains

Absolute max and min over a region

deBruijn Sequences -- Continued

deBruijn Sequences

Ibraheem: Metrics

A X B from Tokeida

MAT 232 notes

Line segment from P to Q

Altitudes meet at a point via cevians

Altitudes as cevians

Cross product and components

False negatives and Bayes

Bayes Law and Taxis

Solving z^2 = 2 - i

Three heads given first two heads

Three heads, given at least two heads.

Three heads in five coin flips

dy/dx vs dy/dx

Product rule

Pizza theorem

Orange cab observation


Law of Total (Un)Conditional Probability


Sample space for rolling 3d6+1d4+1d20

MAT 232 Integral



The A and B economy

Eigenvalues and vectors

Area of slices F(x)

Graphing in 3D.

Polar Area

Absolute values (part 4)

Absolute values (part 3)

Absolute values (part 2)

Absolute values

Paul Vrbik

Volume calculations

Monty Hall

Paramatrize a rectangle

Parametrizing path y=x^2 and y=1

Polar integral

Polar to cartestian

Trig integral sin^2 cos^3

Trig integral

Ellipse to circle

MAT 232 Exam Outline

MAT 232 Exam Outline

Line and parabola

Limit comparison test.

Math Circle


Distance to y=4/x

Ke Zhang

Convergence and limit of partial sums.

Telescoping and partial fractions

Factoring a constant out of a geometric series

1/(x^2 + 2)

Uniform continuity

Tricky substitution

Hyperbolic trig substitution

Patrick's ODE (2)

Patrick's ODE (1)

Generic functions

Logarithm of HE/A

Derivative of semi-perimeter.

Finite volume / infinite volume

Tricky integral

FTC and Bounds

Integrating inverse functions

Bounds of summations

Changing bounds

Bounds after substitution

Substitution and bounds

Substitution rules

General potentials

Trig substitution steps.

Complete square in trig integral.

Complete square in trig integral.

Guess and Check anti-derivative

MAT 133 Q4.a slope

MAT 133 Q4.a

MAT 133 Q5.a

x/3 = tan(theta)

Left hand Reimann sum

u = 3ax + bx^3

Abstract substitution

Isoceles slices (3)

Isoceles slices (2)

Isoceles slices (1)

Cyclinder in cone

Erdos-Selfridge Bound

Horizontal tangents of x^3 + y^3

Horizontal tangents of x^3 + y^3 = 6xy

No horizontal tangent

Derivative of (x^x)^x

Derivative of x^(x^x)

Limits to infinity

Limit to negative infinity

Limit to positive infinity


Mike Pawliuk

Area and distance

Hyperbolic trig identity

Tricky limit calculation

Tricky limit calculation

493: Hypergraph Hex (Corrected for Second Player)

493: Hypergraph Hex

493: Strategic Facts about Hex

493: Hex Winning Sets

493: Tic-Tac-Toe Hypergraph

493: Danger function


can der Warden

Ramse Theory Example

Economic and Combinatorial Game Theory

Variable upper and lower bounds

Variable upper and lowe bounds

Variable upper bound

FTC2 and chain rule

135 -- Geometric area

133 -- Find a and b to make a function continuous.

Paramaterize the parabola

Paramaterize the triangle

Permutations 3P2

Four coin tosses

Generalized Erdos-Selfridge Potential

Reading grou

Domain of ln(..)/sqrt(..)

Infinite limits

Walking away from a lamppole

Two tangents to y=x^2

Intermediate value

Recgonize a derivative

lim arctan(e^x)

Intermediate value theorem

Equalize denominators

2csc(t) - cot(t) = tan(t)


Sketch an even function q.3


x^4 cos(2/x)



Zoomed test


Geometric series: finite and infinite



integrate 1/(9+x^2)

Quiz question

Rotated about x-axis


Related rates

Implicit Diff

Implcit Diff

Inverse trig

Derivative of ln(x)

Derivatives of inverses

f(t) = t|t|

Implicit derivation

Inverse trig

Unit circle.

Inverse of y=(x+3)/(x-2)

Trigonometry practice.

Domain and range calculation

MAT 133 Pile C

2 + cos(2theta)

MAT 133 Pile B

MAT 133 Pile A

Triple integral

Area above and below

lim (sqrt(t) - t^2)/(1-sqrt(t))

Coordinate transfomations


n^n and root test

Cancelling factorials.

Radius of convergence with endpoints

Radius of convergence

Exact value of a series.


Arnold Rosenbloom

Alternating Series Test

Alternating Series and Conditional

Differential equations

NeoCirkuits with Ali

Area above and below y=c

Alternating series

Two horns

Compressing [0,4] to [0,2]

Limit comparison vs direct comparison

Limit comparison

Force field

Trig integrals

Arclength on anti-derivative

Hooke's Law

Work calculation


Special triangles

Limit of a sequence

Gabriel's Horn

Area around y-axis

Area around x-axis

Partial fractions final

Partial fractions


Comparison test

Telescoping series

Geometric series adding terms

Geometric series

Recursive sequence and divergence

Megan Shaw

x = 2 tan theta

Geometric series derivation

Partial sums of (1/2)^k

Partial sums

Changing bounds

y = sin^3 x

cos addition

Angle addition

x = sec theta

Signed vs Total Area

Trig substitutions

Partial fractions

Saddle portrait

Slices of graphs.

Andrew Peterson



Explicit demand functions

Competitive products

Competitive products

Express Int(x^2 e^(x^2)) in terms of Int(e^(x^2))

Integrate [ln(x)]^2

Volume of revolution

Partial fractions

Work with springs


Biggest cone

Window question

Horizontal slices

signed vs total





Riemann sums

Riemann sums

Riemann sum to definite integral

Riemann sum to definite integral

Average value

Formulas for sums

Riemann sums

Half-distance travelled

Piece-wise function -- Art!

Piece-wise function -- Final summation

Piece-wise function

Riemann sums

ln(x)=-x has a solution

Mean value theorem bound




Bailey's simulation problem

Pile 5 Marking

Pile 4 Marking

Pile 3 Marking

Pile 2 Marking

Pile 1 Marking

Cases and rank

Rotation matrices

Similarity and nilpotency

Hex with Jordan

Oblique asymptote

Hemi-spherical resevoir

Rolle's theorem for x^2 - 1.

Derivative of 2^x

Rolle vs IVT

Oblique of x*arctan(x)

Logarithmic differentiation.

Oblique asymptote of y=xe^(2/x)

Limit of xe^(2/x)

Logarithmic derivatives

Parallel tangents.

Basis for null(AV)

The Bus Analogy

Growing sandpile

Growing sandpile

Repeated conjugation


Im(A) = Im(AV)

Chain rule

4x3 RREF

Row reducting

Draining cone.

Sliding ladder.

Orthogonal to line.

Equidistant plane.

Null space

Implicit differentiation.

Implicit and Circle

Horizontal asymptote with roots.

Logarithmic differentiation.

Lighthouse question

Find a and b for differentiablity.

Limit of h^(1/3) sin(h).

Plane equidistant from two points

Points and spans.

Kite example


Geometry with Max.

Jeff Im

det and row operations

2x2 Diagonalization



Complex polynomial

Quadratic cos(theta)


More RREF with parameters

RREF with parameters

RREF example

Playing with trees. Rule 3.

Playing with trees. Rule 2, again.

Playing with trees. Rule 2.

Playing with trees.

Row reducing Week 5 Q3.5



Transforming the grid


Adding investments.

Trig limits with reciprocals.

Trig limits.

Interest applied daily vs monthly.

Week 4 q2

Interest on a loan.

Working with sums.

Inverting a quadratic function.

Working with logs

Solving cos(x) and sin(x) from tan(x) = 3

Finding distance to point.

Summation is additive.

Financial calculations.

Geometric series with finance.

Geometric series with numbers.

Geometric series derivation.

Domain absolute value

Absolute value inequality.

Commerce linear system

Row echelon form

Test (txt)

This is a test.

Columns and solutions.