(IV.12) We do not own the world, and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will. Show a loving consideration for all creatures, and seek to maintain the beauty and variety of the world. Work to ensure that our increasing power over nature is used responsibly, with reverence for life. Rejoice in the splendour of God's continuing creation. [src/txt]
(IV.7) As members of the world-wide church of Christ, try to strengthen its witness at home and abroad. The basis of Christian unity lies in a common commitment to the leadings of his spirit. While remaining faithful to our Quaker insights, seek to understand the contributions to Christian thought and action made by other branches of the church. In your own localities, seek to enter into fellowship, prayer and work with your fellow-Christians.

(Q.8) Are your meetings for church affairs held in the spirit of worship and dependence upon the guidance of God? Do you take your right share in them? Do you maintain your respect for others as persons however strongly you may differ from their opinions Do you refrain from using hurtful and provocative language? Are you sufficiently conversant with our Christian Discipline to be able, when difficult questions arise, to consider them with an informed mind as well as a loving and tender spirit?
13. Waste disposal is a major problem causing soil, water and air pollution and taking up valuable land space. Do you make every effort to reduce the amount of rubbish you put out for collection and disposal? [src/txt]